REALTORS® work under a code of ethics in the best interest of their clients. SRA ensures they are held to this high standard. If you have a less than positive experience with your agent, there are a number of steps you can take:

1. Talk to the agent

If you feel comfortable expressing your concerns, the best first step is to try speaking to your agent about where you feel the process isn’t working. A good agent, interested in upholding the ethics of the industry, will strive to address your concerns.

2. Contact the brokerage

All agents must either be brokers or work for a brokerage. The brokerage can manage any conflict between you and the agent working for them by mediating the dispute or communicating your concerns to their agent to decide if disciplinary action is required. Contact the broker and express your concern.

3. File an official complaint with the SRA

If you are unable to come to a resolution by talking to the agent or the broker, you may file an official complaint with the SRA. We will perform an official investigation into allegations of violations pursuant to our bylaws.

    • The SRA must receive a written complaint in order to open an investigation.
    • Upon receipt of the complaint, the SRA must first determine if the complaint falls within their jurisdiction: ethics or standards of the members, and not issues of compensation.
    • A researcher is assigned to the file and will want to speak to both you and the agent involved.
    • The researcher presents their findings to the SRA Standards Committee. The Committee may either:
      • Determine that no action is required. The file will be closed.
      • Decide if the complaint should be handled by the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission.
      • Prepare a charge.
    • The file will then be transferred to a hearing by a discipline committee for further action.

If you choose to take the matter to the SRA, please contact our office for a complaint form to initiate the process.