An important role the SRA plays is advocating for REALTORS® and property rights in Saskatchewan. We take an active role in forming relationships with governments at all levels – municipal, provincial and federal – thereby creating a channel for our message to be heard. Our members hold a wealth of knowledge, and it’s essential that we are included in discussions relevant to the real estate industry. In politics, just as in real estate, impressions last long after a deal closes. The SRA strives to maintain open, honest and respectful dialogue with the government officials, realizing that the more REALTORS® are involved in this process the more influence we can wield to ensure Saskatchewan property owners’ interests are protected.



SRA members participate in several association driven Government Relations (GR) initiatives:

Political Action Committee (PAC)

CREA works with federal cabinet ministers, Members of Parliament, parliamentary committees, and senior officials directly and through its Political Action Committee (PAC) of REALTORS®. When issues arise that affect housing, property rights, or the real estate sector, representatives from CREA meet with politicians and officials to discuss the issues. Prior to any federal budget, CREA makes recommendations to the government about how fiscal policy can better encourage responsible economic growth.

SRA engages PAC Reps who work hard at the local level to ensure CREA is aware of important local and regional issues. They keep their local Members of Parliament aware of major national issues affecting the real estate industry. And they regularly brief their respective board or association about issues being considered on Parliament Hill.

SRA executive staff, directors and PAC reps participate in PAC Days – a CREA event held annually on parliament hill in Ottawa allowing REALTORS® to speak directly to members of parliament about issues affecting homeowners and the real estate industry.

Government Relations Days

An annual tradition, the provincial association has historically invited members and industry partners to come together at GR Days to learn about issues we’re advocating for and other trends affecting our industry. Following the event, GR reps present current issues along with proposed solutions to MLAs for discussion and consideration.

Fall Forecast

Because the market is integral to our industry, each year the SRA hosts events featuring experts in a variety of areas to talk about the economy, market trends, and local and provincial factors that may impact real estate and REALTOR® business. Members and industry partners are invited to attend and learn about the issues they need to be aware of.

Provincial Election Debates

Legislation, taxation and other government issues affects real estate in a variety of ways. To ensure our members and the general public is aware of important issues relevant to them, the SRA will participate, along with other local associations and businesses in hosting provincial debates featuring local candidates.