REALTORS® work under a code of ethics in the best interest of their clients. SRA ensures they are held to this high standard. If you have a less than positive experience with your REALTOR®, there are a number of steps you can take:

  1. Talk to the agent
    If you feel comfortable expressing your concerns, the best first step is to try speaking to your REALTOR® about where you feel the process isn’t working. A good REALTOR®, interested in upholding the ethics of the industry, will strive to address your concerns.
  2. Contact the brokerage
    All REALTORS® must either be a Broker or work for a Brokerage. The Brokerage is responsible for supervision of its REALTORS® activities and can manage any conflict between you and the REALTOR ® in their Brokerage, by mediating the dispute or communicating your concerns to their REALTOR® to decide if disciplinary action is required. Contact the Broker and express your concern.
  3. File an official complaint with the SRA
    If you are unable to come to a resolution by talking to the REALTOR® and/or the Broker, you may contact the SRA at
    The SRA will be able to assist you by suggesting:

    • If the complaint is brought forward by a person of the public against a REALTOR®, you will be instructed to contact the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission. The Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission is a legislated body tasked with protecting the public and handles complaints against a REALTOR® brought forward by consumers.
    • If you are currently working with a REALTOR® and are upset regarding another REALTORS® conduct, you can have your REALTOR® send in an official complaint against the other REALTOR®.

If you choose to take the matter to the SRA, please contact our office at