Duty and Disclosure are two primary facets of a REALTORS® obligation to their clients.  The important aspect to remember is that although you have a primary duty to your client(s), you have an equal responsibility to deal fairly with ALL parties to the transaction.   

It is easy enough to bear allegiance to your client, but what happens when your client asks you to mislead the other party, or you have pertinent information and withhold it from the other party?          You will be held responsible for those actions.  Your primary duty is to your client, but not at the other side’s expense.  

Quick example – the deposit of $10,000 was due today and was not provided.  The buyer asks you to withhold that information from your broker and the listing agent…is that a lawful instruction?  No.  You must disclose that information to your broker and the listing agent to allow the sellers to decide how to proceed with the transaction.