In addition to tools, knowledge and the support of the REALTOR® community, the key differentiator of a REALTOR® is that they abide by a code. The REALTOR® Code of The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is universally recognized by real estate professionals and consumers alike as the measure of professionalism in real estate. The REALTOR® Code is intended to define the high standard of performance the public has a right to expect from those licensed to display the REALTOR® trademark. It has bound REALTORS® together in a common continuing quest for professionalism through ethical obligations based on honesty, integrity, fairness, accountability and professionally competent service. (The REALTOR® Code on

SRA upholds the CREA REALTOR® Code, which has set the standard of professionalism in real estate for over 40 years.

A REALTOR’S® ethical obligations are based on moral integrity, competent service to clients and customers and dedication to the interest and welfare of the public. The REALTOR® Code, by setting high standards of professional conduct for REALTORS®, helps to protect Canadians’ rights and interests. It also creates a level of trust between REALTORS® and their clients.

REALTORS® are committed to:

  • Professional competent service
  • Absolute honesty and integrity in business dealings
  • Utmost civility
  • Co-operation with and fairness to all
  • Personal accountability through compliance with CREA’s Standards of Business Practice (found in The REALTOR® Code).


The REALTOR® Code establishes obligations that may be higher than those mandated by law. However, in any instance where the code and the law conflict, the obligations of the law must take precedence.

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