Important Update RE Open Houses

COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work and how we socialize with family and friends. While it has been at times overwhelming, the association and real estate industry have really come together to show leadership, support for the community and a major dose of optimism.

The association has taken steps and continues to take steps to ensure that members have access to necessary resources to conduct essential business practices and earn a living while respecting the restrictions imposed by government and are able to maintain personal health and safety.

In mid-March, the SRA mandated that open houses were prohibited, and the rest of the country followed that lead. Today is the last day of that prohibition. Given that the province has just extended its state of emergency for two more weeks and the many unknown factors around continued social distancing, the SRA board has mandated that open houses will not be permitted until further notice.

We will re-evaluate this position at the end of May. Our approach to re-opening will keep us in-step with the Government of Saskatchewan’s re-opening plan. While the first two phases have been outlined and dates set, phase three to five are completely up in the air. For now, allow us to provide a roadmap of internal association plans and then a more general map to assist members in planning for the future.