Today the SRA informed its members and the public that open houses can resume, with certain restrictions in place. When COVID-19 struck the province, the association asked all members to cease hosting open houses in the interest of public health and safety for members and homeowners. Now that the government of Saskatchewan has set a date for phase three of The Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, the SRA feels confident that open houses can begin again.

SRA members will take the following measures to keep buyers and sellers safe:

  1. All visitors will be required to conduct a verbal health waiver and provide their contact information to the attending REALTOR®.
    1. This will allow for contract tracing should someone who attended an open house report back after the showing that they have tested positive for COVID-19 or are ill.
  2. All homeowners will be required to sanitize their home before an open house.
  3. Incidences of touch will be reduced in the home by the REALTOR® – lights turned on, doors opened, and guests instructed to ask the REALTOR® to open things like drawers, closets, and cupboards.
  4. Guests will not be allowed to use washrooms.
  5. Guests will be required to sanitize before entering the home.
  6. Guests will be asked to wear disposable booties on their feet when inside the home.
  7. Only two guests will be allowed in at a time.
  8. Social distancing will be practiced both inside the home and outside for waiting guests.
  9. Guests will be asked to report to the attending REALTOR® if they become ill in a two-week timeframe after the showing.

SRA members have been great ambassadors for the industry by innovating methods for home-showings over Facebook Live, Zoom, and virtual showings, and a good portion of real estate transactions including paperwork occurs electronically. REALTOR® is more than a job description; it is synonymous with professionalism. It identifies membership in the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), and that requires anyone that uses the REALTOR® brand to participate in education and training that elevates their level of competence among other real estate agents. REALTORS® also have access to proprietary services like MLS® and a code of ethics established by CREA.

REALTORS® will reserve the right to refuse entry to a home of anyone who does not participate in a health disclosure survey and provide contact information.

Your REALTOR® is the local expert who can safely guide you. If you have been waiting to buy or sell your property, call them today and know you will find a professional, competent person to help meet your needs.