We are excited to host the 2nd annual State of Real Estate Conference taking place on September 12, 2023, at the Queensbury Convention Centre in Regina!

What can you expect from the conference?
We are bringing together industry experts, thought leaders, and passionate individuals to dive into the topics that truly matter to the real estate landscape in our province. As Saskatchewan’s second-largest sector by GDP, real estate plays a pivotal role in driving a thriving and prosperous economy.

We have carefully curated sessions that cater to both the residential and commercial real estate market, ensuring there’s something valuable for everyone in attendance. Additionally, we’ll delve into discussions surrounding growth and the future of our province, making this conference an indispensable event for anyone invested in the real estate sector. A preview of confirmed panelists include:

  • MP Scott Aitchison, Shadow Minister of Housing, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Her Worship Sandra Masters, Mayor of Regina
  • Ann-Marie Lurie, Chief Economist, Reb Resources
  • Andrew Fogliato, Owner and Publisher, Real Estate Magazine
  • Benjamin Dachis, C.D. Howe Institute