Saskatchewan REALTORS take the safety of Saskatchewanians seriously. We’ve shown leadership in the past, and we continue to take a lead to minimize the risk of transmission so that the government allows real estate to remain an essential service. We were the first province to pause open houses in March before the government placed the province on lockdown. We expected all members across the province to wear masks when meeting with clients before the government’s mask mandate was expanded beyond Prince Albert, Regina, and Saskatoon. And effective immediately, we are placing a pause on open houses to do our part to prevent the further spread of COVID. 

There are still times when a physical viewing of a property is required. Here are a few tips to help you reduce the risk of exposure if you are trying to sell your home right now: 

 Use a Saskatchewan REALTOR® 

✅ Consider selecting an agent that uses tools that can help qualify buyers during their first viewing, the one that happens online. Professional images, 3D tours and rich descriptions will go a long way in helping buyers decide if the home meets their needs. 

 You can require masks and hand sanitizer use. 

 You can limit the number of people who can attend a showing. 

 You can ask that all buyers answer a COVID questionnaire before they visit. 

 You can ask that only the REALTOR® touch surfaces in the home. 

 Turn on all lights and request that switches not be turned off. 

 Leave closet doors open.