November 4, 2020

For immediate release

The Saskatchewan real estate market continues to be strong and outperform last year’s market. Across the province, sales were up 38.4% from last October (and up 20.4% year-to-date, going from 987 to 1,366), new listings were up 1.0% (but down 6.6% year-to-date), going from 2,002 to 2,023, and the median sale price was up 7.8% (up 3.6% year-to-date), going from $255,000 to $275,000. Inventories were also down in 16 of the 19 markets that the SRA tracks.

Consumer confidence is high in Saskatchewan despite falling economic resilience across the country due to the emergence of a second wave of COVID-19. “The protocols that we put in place back in April to keep REALTORS® and their clients safe,” said SRA CEO Jason Yochim, “has helped ease people’s anxiety when it comes to buying and selling real estate.”

Combined with the government’s early efforts to minimize the spread of COVID and to safely re-open the economy as quickly as possible, the SRA’s actions have been critical in helping keep consumer confidence high. “We saw that COVID didn’t stop people from participating in the real estate market,” said Yochim, “but they also need to feel safe.”


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Chris Gbekorbu

Economic Analyst

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