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The Professional Practice Team is pleased to launch a new campaign around the newly released CREA REALTOR® Code of Ethics Course. The Know Your Code campaign focuses on the connection between REALTOR® Professional Practice and knowledge of the REALTOR® Code.

The newly released course is tied to the updated version of the REALTOR® Code released in April 2023.

So, Why Should You “Know Your Code?”

Every single member of CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) is expected to be a professional in word and deed.

The REALTOR® Code has been around since 1913 – over 110 years – and is a constantly evolving document that accommodates and anticipates our ever-changing and challenging marketplace. It sets the bar for members’ conduct in every aspect of their professional lives; with each other and with members of the public.

The REALTOR® Code is intended to define the high standard of performance the public has a right to expect from those licensed to display the REALTOR® trademark.”

REALTORS® are obligated to the public and our profession (your peers). They deserve and expect:

  • Professional, competent service
  • Absolute honesty and integrity
  • Utmost civility
  • Co-operation and fairness to all
  • Personal accountability through compliance with CREA’s standards of Business Practice

The Code “has bound REALTORS® together in a common continuing quest for professionalism through ethical obligations based on honesty, integrity, fairness, accountability, and professionally competent service.”


CREA REALTOR® Code of Ethics Course

 If you have questions about your Professional Practice, please contact:   

Lynn Chipley 
Professional Standards and Practice Advisor 
P: 306-343-3463 E: 


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